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Museum Vrolik

"Truly an amazing and eye-opening experience, which made us see and think about the true human nature"

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"A fascinating and instructive collection, that will astound you"
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‘’An extraordinary collection of medical case studies’’
About Museum Vrolik

How a private collection became a museum

Museum Vrolik or Museum Vrolikianum was the name chosen by Gerard Vrolik (1775-1859) and his son Willem (1801-1863) for their private collection of anatomical preparations. Both Gerard and Willem were professors of anatomy in Amsterdam. Their Museum Vrolikianum  was kept in their canal-side home.

Since 1984, Museum Vrolik has been located in the AMC (now part of the Amsterdam UMC).

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Guided tours

Tours for everyone

There is a lot to see in Museum Vrolik, from anatomical preparations and rare congenital defects to animal skeletons and wax models. Our tour guides can tell you the story behind the objects on display, and they have a thorough knowledge of anatomy.

Guided tours can be booked for educational groups and groups with a professional interest in our collection, and for individual visitors as well.

We will discuss your specific interests and requirements with you, and will adapt the tour to the desired themes and the age and background of the visitors. Read more about the possibilities here.

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Human remains

We strongly advise you to review our statement on human remains before deciding to visit Museum Vrolik.